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Explore Japan from anywhere in the world!

Welcome to VR Nihongo, your go-to source for Japanese language immersion and learning. Our virtual reality classes, Anime classes, and Vtubing LIVE classes are designed to help you learn the language in a fun and engaging way. Our community is passionate about helping everyone learn to speak Japanese with confidence. We believe that anyone can learn to speak Japanese. Learning can be fun and interactive! Join us today and speak Japanese from wherever you are.

Small Street in Japan

Why I started my classes

At VR Nihongo, we believe in the power of having fun to learn! We use virtual reality, anime and Vtubing to create immersive educational experiences that engage students like never before. I was inspired by one particularly shy student, discovered the benefits of teaching in VR.  He showed me how amazingly engaging and fun this way of learning was. I am forever grateful for Jay kun my former student. ありがとうございます!By combining VR with pop culture, anime etc innovative teaching methods, our students can immerse themselves in the virtual Japan and truly learn Japanese in the most fun way like you never before! Don't worry if you don't have VR headset, you can join us on Desktop and participate in our Live Vtubing class on YouTube from your smartphone, tablet, Mac and PC!   I 

Konchu, USA

The VR Nihongo Classes with Moe Sensei are a blast. From interactive Role Play sessions in VR you can make real connections and memories with the Japanese language.  it has been one of the best parts of my Japanese language journey and has kept me motivated .

Peter, Canada 

Moe-sensei’s classes are all so much fun. She’s always well prepared with something new and interesting to study. Her enthusiasm gives the classes a lively atmosphere and makes everyone feel welcome and encouraged to participate (and make mistakes!)

Enna, UK

It feels like a real life class because of the physical space, props, and classmates! I find it much more fun and memorable than a webcam language class.
Torii Gates


Learn a new language like never before with VR Nihongo! We offer online classes that integrate the latest virtual reality technology to provide an immersive and effective learning experience. With courses to suit all levels, we're confident we can cater to your unique learning requirements. So why not give it a try and find the perfect class for you!

Torii Gates

what our students say...

Capiten, Canada

"Moe Sensei puts up with my shenanigans, which is above and beyond what could be expected of anyone"

Attack, UK

"Moe alone is alone a reason to keep studying. Very cute and caring. Totally worth your time. With the help of her teachings, I was placed to the most advanced (high pace) class in Tokyo. Just make sure to compliment your class with a textbook"


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